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The provider of these internet pages is BAUHAUS AG

Mannheim branch office

Gutenbergstrasse 21

D-68167 Mannheim


Tax number: 37 007 / 05 208

Registered under: HRB 18 06


Phone: +49 621 3905-0

Fax: +49 621 3905-132

email: service@bauhaus.info



Concept, Design and Technical Implementation:


Taunusstraße 59-61

D-55120 Mainz





Data protection declaration

BAUHAUS AG would like to ensure that your use of our internet pages is secure and satisfactory. BAUHAUS AG makes every effort to ensure compliance with current data protection rulings. The following data protection guideline informs you when and where your personal data is recorded and how you can control this process. 


This guideline relates to the internet pages of BAUHAUS AG. This includes all the pages at the URL www.bauhaus-ag.de / www.bauhaus.info. As BAUHAUS AG is constantly enlarging its offering, changes may occur. We recommend therefore that you read this guideline regularly.

Data protection guideline

As a rule, you can access our internet pages without giving any personal details. If your name, address or other personal data is required, you will be informed beforehand. If you decide to give us or our business associates personal data via the internet, e.g. so that correspondence can be processed or an order can be carried out, BAUHAUS AG guarantees that your personal data will be recorded, saved and treated with utmost care and in compliance with the relevant laws.

User data

When you access our internet pages, we receive user data. We evaluate this data to recognize trends and to prepare statistics, but in all cases respect the highest standards of security of the teleservice data protection law (TDDSG) and the data protection directive for telecommunication companies (TDSV). This rules out that user data or user profiles can be connected with personal data and thus the creation of a "transparent user".


BAUHAUS AG assumes no guarantee for any of the information given. The contributions are based on sources which BAUHAUS AG considers to be trustworthy. No liability or guarantee can therefore be assumed for the currency, correctness and completion of the content.


The commercial exploitation and/or dissemination of the content of these internet pages requires the written consent of BAUHAUS AG.


The information on our internet pages was prepared with care and based on state-of-the-art information. This is constantly changing. Before carrying out any work, please make sure that you are use the most up-to-date version of the internet page. Please appreciate that we must limit our liability for the content of these pages to intent, gross negligence and a breach of important duties. The product applications described cannot take into account the special circumstances of an individual case. Please therefore check that the products you are using are suitable for the specific application purpose and always read the instructions and manufacturer information.